Current Guitar Setup

For you gearheads... I've changed/added some new gear to my live rig. I've swapped out my old guitar processor (Roland GP-100) for a Roland GT-Pro. I am adding two Boss VF-1's to the rig also! This gives me the capability to make even more weird noises with my guitar.
Here is a list of gear in my current setup

Effects Processing
Boss GT-Pro Multi-Effects Processor
(2) Boss VF-1 Multi-Effects Processor

Boss RC-50 LoopStation Looper
Boss DD-20 GigaDelay

Roland VS880-EX Digital Recorder

Fostex MR8 Digital Recorder
(2) Yamaha MS-202 Powered Speakers
AB International 105 Power Amp
Midi Control
Lake Butler RFC-1 Mitigator MIDI Footswitch

Additional Switching
(2) Boss FV-200 Volume Pedal
(4) M-Audio SP2 Footswitch
Behringer AB200 Footswitch (RC-50 Functions)

Furman M8 Power Conditioner
Behringer DI4000 4-Channel DI Box
SKB 6 Space Rack Case
Custom built stand

current guitar / looping setup