Make your very own SubStation 7 stencil!

shirt ss7SubStation 7 Free T-ShirtWant to make your own SubStation 7 t-shirt? Now you can! Download one of the stencil designs shown below, cut it out and have fun. Spray it on t-shirts, hoodies, your bedroom wall - wherever!

Download Stencil 1 (890K PDF)

ss7 stencil 1sm

Download Stencil 2 (900K PDF)

ss7 stencil 2sm


Things You'll Need:
Printer & Paper
Glue Stick or Spray Adhesive
X-acto Knife
Tape and/or Coins Washers
Spray Paint

1. Print out the SubStation 7 stencil and glue it to a piece of cardboard I find that a cereal box works well. You can also print straight onto heavy stock, such as matte finish photo paper. It's thin enough to cut easily, but sturdy enough to stand up over time.

2. Start cutting. Using an X-acto knife, carefully cut out ONLY the black areas SubStation 7 stencil. This will allow the spray paint to penetrate onto the surface. MAKE SURE to leave little connectors between the letters!

3. Start spraying! Grab your favorite Krylon color, lay the SubStation 7 on the surface you wish to paint, weight the stencil down with coins or washers to prevent the stencil from lifting up while you spray it. If this happens, the edges of the image can get misted by paint, making the image look "dirty". If you're painting on a non-horizontal surface, such as a wall, metal weights will obviously be of no use in holding down the edges of the stencil. In this case, use tiny pieces of tape to hold the edges against the wall.

MAKE SURE to use spray paint in a well ventilated area, preferably outside. If this is not possible, buy a mask with a NIOSH filter in it. This is available at most hardware stores, and will protect you from harmful fumes. Spray paint fumes are extremely toxic!

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