Stage Plot & Rider
SubStation 7 takes its professionalism seriously and realizes you're often dealing with many bands at once. SubStation 7 wants to make your job easier and work toward building a lasting business relationship with your venue or event. Below are answers to several questions normally asked by venues, booking agents and promoters to save you time.

1. Stage Plot & Line Up
SubStation 7 is a solo artist using a looper and a number of effects processors.

1 Boom Mike Stand
1 Low-Z Vocal Mike (Shure SM-58 Preferred)
A/C Power Drop Within 6 Feet Of Performer
2 Additional Channel With XLR Low-Z Cable For Instrument (No Direct Boxes Needed-- Artist Has Own DI)
Total Of 3 Channels: 1 For Mic, 2 for Guitar
15-25 minutes REQUIRED for set-up & sound check 

Monitor Mixes
Separate L & R (Stereo) Mix Of Guitar Signal Through 15' Wedges (only necessary for larger venues and events)

FOH mix
Stereo where available - guitar panned hard right & left.  Channel EQ should be switched off or set to flat.  Absolutely NO effects and NO compression!  I will provide a reference tone for setting channel gain prior to starting.  My sets usually start out quiet, so please do not adjust channel gain to compensate - it will only end up clipping later! 

No preference, though if possible at the beginning and end of each set bathe the stage in orange light.

1 Low Stool Or Chair With No Arms If Available.
2 Bottles Of Cold, Non-Carbonated Water.

Queen or King bed if possible.
Non-smoking room!
1st floor, preferably with easy loading access to parking lot with outside door, instead of through lobby to inside door

Food & Drink
Strong hot coffee with cream no sugar 40 mins before showtime.
If food is available, then a modest meal would certainly be appreciated. Something healthy -no fast food. I prefer to finish meal 2 hrs before showtime.


current setup stage plot for Substation 7 


2. Touring Region
SubStation 7 is based in northwestern Vermont with a primary touring region of New England and Quebec. 

3. Set Info & The Live Show
SubStation 7 is available to play 1 or 2 sets of music of approximately 45-50 minutes each. SubStation 7 plays original instrumental music that spans several genres. 

4. Pricing Info
For a price quote, contact SubStation 7 using the contact form. In addition to a fixed fee, SubStation 7 can also play for a percentage of the door/cover.